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Here is the collection of expert other science articles that deal with various sciences outside physics. These would include biology, chemistry, earth and computer sciences. Learn something new today!

Differential Equation Systems and Nature

Differential Equation Systems and Nature

Abstract "Mathematics is the native language of nature." is a phrase that is often used when it comes to explaining why mathematics is all around in natural…
probabilities virus testing

Probabilistic Factors Involved in Disease and Virus Testing

Introduction This Insight looks at the various probabilistic factors and related terminology involved in disease and virus testing.As we all know,…
What is Evolution

What is Evolution: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction to Evolution The study of evolution has dominated the field of biology for over a century. Explaining why the life we see is as it is fascinating…
how to identify wood

Want to Tell One Wood from Another? Learn Basic Wood Anatomy

As a long-time woodworker, I have an interest in being able to tell one wood from another and in the process of learning how to do that, I've developed…

Learn the Amazing New Research on Untying Knots in Polymers

Key PointsPublished paper studied how knots in polymers respond to an external flow field and how the knot affects the response of the polymer …

Learn About New High Performance Ultra-wide Angle Camera Lenses

Note, unless otherwise specified, all focal lengths are in terms of the 35mm image format.Recently, there has been a flurry of new high-performance…

Learn About History’s First Science Experiments

In this Insight, I'm going to talk about two of the first science experiments in recorded history. One was allegedly performed by the Prophet Elijah in…

Polymer Physics and Genetic Sequencing

Key PointsDNA is a good model system for polymer physics as it is small enough to observe single-molecule dynamics and large enough to be thermodynamically…

Why Your Software is Never Perfect

We occasionally have students ask for help on software, "My software is perfect, but it doesn't work!" Your software is never perfect. My own software…

When did Mitochondria Evolve?

Historically, life is categorized into three broad domains: bacteria, archaea, and eukaryota.  Whereas bacteria and archaea are almost all relatively…

Frequently Made Errors in Climate Science – The Greenhouse Effect

1.What is meant by "The Greenhouse Effect"? Many gases, such as H2O, CO2, CH4, are transparent to visible light but absorb and emit parts of the infrared…

What Causes Cancer: Bad Luck or Bad Lifestyles?

What causes cancer?  For the most part, cancer is a disease that arises from mutations in the body that accumulate over time.  These mutations knock…

Atomic Positioning with DNA Hinges

Key PointsFunke and Dietz created a DNA hinge which is adjustable by varying the length of one of the DNA molecules, allowing positioning of molecules…

Can Gene Editing Eliminate Alzheimer’s Disease?

The development of the CRISPR/Cas9 system has made gene editing a relatively simple task.  While CRISPR and other gene-editing technologies stand to revolutionize…
CrispR DNA

Why CRISPR Technologies Won’t Lead to Designer Babies

The prospect of designer babies has been a staple of the dystopian futures imagined by science-fiction writers, evoking fears of eugenics (e.g. Brave New…

The New Bioethics: A 21st Century Overview

Key PointsWorrying about the future now means recognizing the advances in technology, such as genetic engineering, that have arisen. There is…

5 Pieces of Evidence that Support Theory of Evolution

Evidence for evolution First, read:What is Evolution: A Beginner’s Guide, What Is Evolution and How Does It Happen?, Evolution FAQ Key Points …